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Harvie Ranching & Guests Sale 2009

3rd Annual Hereford Production Sale

October 10, 2009 1:00 pm • At the Ranch Olds, Alberta
2009 Sale Summary
# Lots Type Average Gross
2.33 Bull Calves $37,682.40  
0.5 Mature Bull $17,000.00  
12 Heifer Calves  $3,091.67  
8 Cow/Calf Pairs $5,381.25  
7.5 Yearling Heifers $3,460.00  
1 Mature Cow $1,400.00  
31.33 Lots $6,776.25 $212,300.00
27 Embryos $936.11 $25,275.00
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• High Selling Bull Calf – Lot 2 -1/3 interest– $80,500.00 - Harvie Tailor Made ET 7W sired by Harvie Traveler 69T was purchased by :Shar-Lo Farms, Public Landing, NB; Ehlke Herefords, Townsend, MT; BB Cattle Co, Connell, WA; J Delaney Herefords, Lake Benton, MN; Donn Jibben, South Lake, TX; RSK Farms, Brandon, MB; Triara Superior Genetics, Melbourne, QC; DaKitch Farm, Ada, MN; Highmark Ranching, Airdrie, AB; Kruse Polled Herefords, Harrison, MN; Kenneth Prichard, Camrose, AB ;John Lutz, Warner, AB; River Bend Farms, Waldron, IN; Lambert Ranch, Oroville, CA; OVHF, Avonlea, SK; Remitall West Polled Herefords, Olds, AB; Woodenshoe Farms, Blackfoot, ID; Pelton P Herefords, Dunn Center, ND; Randy Wagner, Consul, SK; Malone Hereford Farm, Emporia, KS; Haroldson Cattle Co., Wawota, SK; Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, OK; Earl & John McEachren, Glencoe, ON; Dorbay Polled Herefords, Dorchester, ON; Roth Hereford Farm, Windsor, MO; Gerald & Marilyn Peltzer, Conway, MO; Burns Farm, Pikeville, TN; Golden Oak Livestock, Bowden, AB; BNC Polled Herefords, University Park, FL; Marvin & Kevin Stocki, Fisher Branch, MB; Plum River Ranch, Monroe, WI; Sidwell Herefords, Townsend, MT; Porters Polled Herefords, Tweed, ON.

• High Selling Mature Bull – Lot 1 – $17,000.00 -1/2 interest Harvie Raftsman 16R sired by Harvie Ladies Man 4L was purchased by Stone Ridge Manor, Gettysbury, PA.

• High Selling Heifer Calf – Lot 8 - $11,000.00 – Harvie MS Ronda 41W sired by Harvie Traveler 69T was purchased by Jill & Cole Harvie, OVHF, Olds, AB. & Vern Featherstone, Perdue, SK.

• High Selling Cow/Calf Pair – Lot 32 & 32A - $11,500.00 – CCR 8E MS Pearl ET 612S sired by Remitall Embracer 8E was purchased by Lorenzen Farms, Chrisman, IL and Prairie Meadows, Springfield, IL for $4400;Remitall-West Pearl 10W sired by Remitall Route 66 ET 346R was purchased by Woodenshoe Farms, Blackfoot, ID. For $7100

• High Selling Yearling Heifer – Lot 20 - $12,750.00- ½ interest – Harvie MS Nylon 102U sired by Harvie Ladies Man 4L was purchased by North Bluff Farms Inc., Aldergrove, BC & South Alder Farms, Aldergrove, BC.

• High Selling Embryos - Lot 2a-$1100/embryo- Allan D Marshall, Hampton, NB & Lot 5a - $1100/embryo- John Little, England

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