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Harvie Ranching Complete Hereford Dispersal

November 7th 2020, 1 pm MT 

Location: Harvie Ranching, Olds, Alberta
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110 females sell - Mature Females, 2 year olds, yearlings, heifer calves & frozen genetics.

Additional Sale information:
Hotel: Book your stay under the Harvie Ranching block at the Pomeroy Hotel in Olds (1-403-556-8815). The hotel is 10 minutes from the ranch and 50 minutes from Calgary International Airport.


     Select Sale videos ( taken September 2nd 2020)


Lot 1
Lot 3
Lot 8
Lot 9
Lot 10
Lot 11
Lot 13
Lot 17
Lot 23
Lot 24
Lot 25
Lot 27
Lot 28
Lot 28A
Lot 30
Lot 31
Lot 32
Lot 34A
Lot 37
Lot 38
Lot 40
Lot 41
Lot 45A
Lot 46
Lot 47
Lot 48
Lot 52
Lot 54
Lot 59A
Lot 60
Lot 62
Lot 64
Lot 66
Lot 67
Lot 69
Lot 72
Lot 73A
Lot 76
Lot 77
Lot 79

Harvie EF Ms Firefly 154H
Tattoo: CVIH 154H

Harvie Ms Firefly 35Z
Tattoo: CVIH 35Z

Harvie Ms Candy 49F
Tattoo: CVIH 49F

Harvie Ms Firefly 58E
Tattoo: CVIH 58E

Harvie Ms Unique 130G
Tattoo: CVIH 130G

RSK 16R Miss Sparkles 3A
Tattoo: ARSK 3A

Harvie Ms Firefly 55C
Tattoo: CVIH 55C

E 190Z Miss Bell C063
Tattoo: C063

Harvie Ms Unique 137C
Tattoo: CVIH 137C

Harvie Ms Firefly 44G
Tattoo: CVIH 44G

Other ‘must see’ touring: If wanting to stay and extend to a vacation, several quality breeders of multiple breeds are within a few minutes from the ranch. You can tour Canmore, Banff National Park and/or Lake Louise, the Rockies are within an hour and a half from the ranch, to see the most incredible world renowned views. Take in shopping, trails, gondola rides, cuisine and much more. Visit and as a couple website for more information.

Irvines Western Wear - Canada’s largest western store, located 20 minutes from the ranch near Crossfield Alberta.

    Bull Sale - 2021 Harvie Ranching Annual Bull Sale March 9th.

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