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Harvie Ranching 11th Annual Bull Sale


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Selling 70 Polled Hereford and Charolais bulls.

Harvie Cononail 111G
Cononail x Ms Gella
Tattoo: ELH 111G

Harvie Gang Buser 161G
Cononail x Ms Molson
Tattoo: ELH 161G

Harvie Cononail 171G
Cononail x Mari Lou
Tattoo: ELH 171G

Harvie Gator 81G
ALL IN x Ms Unlimited
Tattoo: CVIH 81G

Harvie Expansion ET 135G
Endure x Ms Unique
Tattoo: CVIH 135G

Harvie Established ET 209G
Endure x Riesling
Tattoo: CVIH 209G

Harvie Trail Blazer ET 134G
Truman x Ablaze
Tattoo: CVIH 134G

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